Toilet Repairs


Flush your problems away with our toilet repairs and replacements

Modern toilets may appear quite simple, however, they consist of a range of components which can from time to time be prone to fault or damage which will require toilet repairs by a licensed plumber. Leaks and decay can occur anywhere from the cistern to the bowl at any time. If you experience a fault then it is best to call the professionals at NJR Plumbing for all of your toilet repairs.

Leaving your small toilet repairs untreated often results in even bigger problems down the track. We can replace any loose fittings, repair damage to flushing components and re-align bowls, toilet necks, and cisterns in no time at all; so you can continue enjoying your bathroom without feeling stressed when using your toilet.

Toilet Repairs

Perhaps you have noticed your toilet leaking from the neck, cistern or you have seen moisture appearing around the bottom of the bowl? Or maybe your toilet isn’t fully flushing or the water fails to stop flowing after you release the flushing button?

These issues can be signs of faulty seals or a bit of internal wear and tear or damage has occurred to your toilet. NJR Plumbing has seen all of this issues hundreds of times before and our highly experienced Brisbane northside plumbers can perform these toilet repairs and many more.


What toilet repairs are we great at doing?

For the last 15 years, NJR Plumbing has built a great reputation for providing reliable and efficient plumbing services in the areas of installation, maintenance, and repair of toilets on Brisbane northside as well as a large range of general plumbing functions. As your trusted and professional plumber Brisbane north we provide industry-leading toilet repairs at very affordable prices – no matter what the issue might be.
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Our Toilet Repair Services


Repairing consistent and irritating dripping toilets

Removing any objects causing toilet blockages

Replacement of toilet cistern parts

Eliminating noisy flushing

Fixing constantly running toilet water

Repairing leaks from the toilet bowl
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NJR Plumbing is the experts in toilet repairs in Brisbane north. Whether you need one of our qualified Brisbane northside plumbers to urgently attend a toilet-related emergency, or if your concern is a leaking, running or blocked toilet, we are just a phone call away. Contact us today to learn more about our prices for toilet repairs.