Leaking Tap Repairs


Fix that annoying and costly drip with our tap repairs and replacements

A drip from a leaking tap is annoying and is literally throwing money down the drain. At NJR Plumbing, we have dealt with hundreds of leaky taps and we know that leaking tap repairs saves both your sanity and the family budget.

Leaking tap repairs are required for several reasons; from damaged tap washers, loose fittings, worn tap seats, right through to the effects of high pressure or water hammering and much more. It really doesn’t matter what the cause is, at NJR Plumbing we consider it our priority to perform leaking tap repairs and put a fast end to the persistent dripping!

Our experienced Brisbane northside plumbers will replace any faulty tap components and re-seat the tap spindle if necessary. If leaking tap repairs are not possible or are not good value for money, we can fit a brand-new tap set on the spot as we keep a small but high-quality range in our vehicles. Leaking tap repairs or replacements can usually happen quite quickly, so you will ask asking yourself why you didn’t call NJR Plumbing earlier for your leaking tap repairs.

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Your Tap Repair Options

Our expert team will assess the exact reason why your tap is leaking and provide the best long-term solution possible. Most of the time we can simply complete a full maintenance service on the taps which includes cleaning the bonnet and spindle, replacing o-rings, fibro washer, and washer. Next, we regrease the tapware and refit the tap washer. although it’s a good practice to maintenance service both hot and cold tap taps as eventually, the other tap will start dripping.

It is important to note that not all tap washers are the same. A few less reputable plumbers opt to use cheap plastic washers, whereas NJR Plumbing always uses high-quality brass washers as we believe that a quality job is a good job when performing leaking tap repairs.

We can also fit specially designed ¼ turn tapware which make the tap easier to turn on and off, which is ideal for the elderly, people with arthritis or hand movement issues, or for households with small children.
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We carry replacement tapware

We carry a range of tap sets with us in case we find that your tap has deteriorated too much due to age or corrosion. Our tap sets are good quality suiting most home décors and will get you back up and running quickly. However, if you want to source or supply your own replacement tap set then we are more than happy to fit those too. In addition, we also can help you select a premium range of tapware which our local suppliers carry in stock.

Choosing NJR Plumbing for your leaking tap repairs

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We have over 25 years’ experience in domestic plumbing services, so whether your tap needs a new washer or your faucet needs to be replaced or even if we find a water hammering issue – we guarantee that you will be offered the ideal solution.

It is important to highlight that a leaking tap might appear not to be a big deal at first, but if you place a bowl underneath the water spout you will quickly see how much water is being wasted. If there is one way to increase your water usage costs, it’s not addressing this waste quick enough, but there could be bigger expenses to consider!

When taps leak a greater build-up of pressure occurs along your pipeline which can result in more costly damage to your plumbing, so don’t put your home or office at risk.

If you are experiencing an emergency leak, then we will act quickly and be at your property in next to no time. However, if your premise doesn’t resemble the Brisbane river, then we would love to schedule one of the NJR Plumbing team to visit your home or business and quickly perform our leaking tap repairs for you.

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We can help you

Why not give call our friendly team today and let us send a plumber your way at a time that suits you. If you aren’t ready to make a booking just yet and would like to know about our services, then we would love to speak with you. We provide up-front prices and of course all our plumbing services are covered by our workmanship guarantee.