Downpipe Repairs


Protect your property with downpipe repairs and replacements

Have you noticed moisture in the soil where your stormwater downpipe enters the ground or perhaps there is a really boggy patch of ground in your yard?

If so, this is a common sign that there is something seriously wrong with your exterior plumbing and you should consult NJR Plumbing for an inspection to see if you need our stormwater downpipe repair services.

Downpipe repairs – are they really needed?

Spotting a bit of dampness around a downpipe or a bit of extra water in the soil in your backyard isn’t a big deal, is it? The yard always needs a bit of extra water anyway, right? The reality is that damaged or leaking downpipes seriously threaten your property. There is no way to tell how much water is being stored in your soil, particularly if the leak is next to your house where the structural footings are located.

Despite stormwater downpipes being on the outside of your house, water damage can still find its way inside your property causing both aesthetic and structural damage to areas like your walls, carpets or ceilings. Furthermore, there is a high likelihood that this water damage may even result in the development of mold or even cause the ground around your home to subside. Once the structural integrity of your home is compromised, cracks in walls and ceilings can begin to take place – a sign of your property foundations beginning to shift. Costs of repairing structural damage often run into the thousands of dollars range, something could have been easily avoided if NJR Plumbing conducted downpipe repairs earlier.


The Inspection

When one of our experience Brisbane northside plumbers visit your property, we quickly and confidently evaluate the problem and advise of the best stormwater downpipe repair or solution. You can rest assured that we will get to the exact root of the issue, as we use industry leading CCTV pipe inspection technology which we call the “camera snake”. We can feed this internal camera down into any pipe and identify if there the issue is a blockage, cracked or damaged stormwater pipe. The camera feeds images back to a TV-like screen so we can see the specific issue without having to pointlessly dig up your yard hoping to eventually find the fault. NR Plumbing is leading the way with the use of this technology and we are happy to show you any issues that our camera finds.
Damaged downpipe
Blocked drain

The Downpipe repair

The team at NJR Plumbing have been performing general plumbing and stormwater downpipe repairs for more than 15 years. In that time we have seen more than our fair share of rising damp, ground subsidence and structural issues in Brisbane homes, which could have been avoided by a visit from one of our qualified and friendly plumbers.
Our team is experienced in all downpipe repairs as well as downpipe replacements (if required). Once we accurately determine the fault, we will get to work performing one of the following stormwater downpipe repairs, depending on your needs:


No-dig plumbing:

We slide advanced internal pipe equipment into the pipework to the position of the fault and then expand and glue a special silicone-based membrane to re-seal the pipe from the inside. This process is particularly useful when structures have been built above the pipework, meaning that accessing the pipework from above is not practical.

Cut and replace method:

An old practice that is still the best and most affordable downpipe repair solution for common issues.

Re-routing method:

Sometimes where we find significant internal obstructions in the pipework, the most affordable downpipe repair is to re-channel stormwater via new pipework or perhaps connect it to a different section of pipework.


How to spot faulty downpipes yourself

We recommend that all property owners perform a visual inspection of the stormwater downpipes around their home at least every few months you. Some things that you should look out for are:


  • Check for any nearby plants, vines or trees that may be encroaching on the pipework as these could cause blockages
  • Check downpipes for rust or corrosion
  • Check for any visible signs of moisture or wet ground where the downpipe enters the ground
  • Look out for any unusual water pooling or run-off
  • Identify any dents or external damage to the pipework which could cause obstructions or leaks
  • Insect for any peculiar bubbling on the ground around your downpipe (it’s best to do this while it’s raining)

NJR Plumbing ute

Our Team Can Help

No matter which downpipe repair is best for your situation, you can rest assured that we will deliver a high standard of workmanship using high-quality products, thus ensuring your downpipes operate like they were designed to. For extra peace of mind, once we complete our downpipe repairs, our plumbers will put our snake camera back into the pipework so you can see the quality of our downpipe repairs for yourself.

Don’t put your property at risk by delaying your downpipe inspection and if need be, your downpipe repairs. The team at NJR Plumbing are only a phone call or message away.