Burst and Leaking Pipe Repairs


Urgent assistance for burst or leaking pipe repairs

Water pipes transport more than just liquids from one place to another, they are also designed to prevent harmful germs and moisture from entering our homes or businesses. Despite most modern piping infrastructure being built to last, decay, pressure, and damage can sometimes result in pipes leaking over time, meaning that you will need NJR Plumbing to perform burst or leaking pipe repairs.


While it’s common for people to ignore smaller leaks, what isn’t often realised is that once water finds its way out of the pipework, it doesn’t take long to start to impact everything nearby, often resulting in costly cosmetic and or structural building repairs. When the effects of a leaking pipe are fully realised prolonging burst or leaking pipe repairs can result in thousands of dollars in damage.


Our highly experienced and qualified plumbers can quickly locate the source of a leak and then comprehensively perform any burst or leaking pipe repairs necessary to get your pipework back in working order in no time.


Spotting leaking pipes early

We have all seen those YouTube videos of a DIY handy-man who decides to repair his own leaking pipe, only for it to suddenly burst right in front of his face. These misguided videos are intended to be funny, but the reality of the damage that a burst or leaking pipe can cause is no laughing manner. If the water mains aren’t turned off quickly, then it doesn’t take long for enough water to spill out to flood the entire floor. Even if the water mains are shut off quickly the damage caused to the pipework and surrounding area is often quite extensive.

Every pipe that carries water within your premise is under pressure – otherwise, they couldn’t transport water from one location to another, but if the pressure gets a too much for an old or faulty water pipe, then leaks can begin to occur. That’s where NJR Plumbing can come to your rescue with our professional burst and leaking pipe repairs service.

Burst house pipe

Water pressure is not the only cause

While water pressure can cause a problem for pipelines, leaking pipes can happen because of deterioration of pipe joints. When this occurs, you may see anything from the occasional water droplet or if more severe a water puddle around the pipe as a result of a consistent trickle.
Coroded cooper pipe
Coroded cooper pipe
Coroded cooper pipe
Coroded cooper pipe

Replacing water pipes

Galvanised to Pex
Apart for conducting burst and leaking pipe repairs, we are also highly experienced in the replacement of old galvanised or copper water pipes with the latest PVC water piping. Click here to find out more information.

NJR Plumbing is here to help

If a leaking pipe is left untreated the moisture can soon begin to affect the immediate area around the pipes which can cause corrosion or rust. It’s not only the water pipes that can incur damage. If untreated for a long period there is also a risk of rot forming in the structural components of your premises – and if any leaking water pipes are located inside the walls, it won’t take long for the plasterboard or architraves to start showing signs of damp.


At NJR Plumbing we prioritise jobs involving burst and leaking pipe repairs because we want to protect you and your family from any catastrophic damage that can occur as a result of this serious issue.

Structural water damage

Why choose us?

Our Brisbane northside plumbers only use the most advanced and effective tools, and when paired with over 25 years’ experience in domestic plumbing; we can offer our clients one of the most comprehensive burst and leaking pipe repairs in the Brisbane north region.


We approach every plumbing job with an open mind enabling our plumbers to evaluate the root cause of the problem and develop the best course of action so your water supply is back in working order as quick as possible. Some of our burst and leaking pipe repairs services including:

Seal and repair damaged pipes
Replace old, worn and damaged pipes
Fit new washers to restrict water flow
Re-align pipes and joints
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Our Team Can Help

At NJR Plumbing, we are experts in burst and leaking pipe repairs, so if you are looking for a professional plumbing service that values the importance of great customer service, then it’s time to get in touch with our friendly team today and then relax as we will take care of the rest for you. We take care of your leaking pipes, faulty taps and everything else in between! We are friendly, reliable, and efficient with our services being quite affordable – you couldn’t ask for more.


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