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When you discover that you have blocked drains or blocked sewerage pipes, NJR plumbing is the blocked drains Redcliffe Peninsula experts. A blockage in your pipes or when water is not draining correctly from your toilet, sink or shower may be inconvenient, unhygienic and smelly, but worst of all it generally indicates a much bigger problem that needs to be addressed by a blocked drains Redcliffe Peninsula specialist, like the team at NJR Plumbing. If you see dirty water rising out of your sink or experience a foul odour in your bathroom, kitchen or laundry, then you should give us a call, so we can inspect the problem for you.


If you are lucky, the drain blockage will be shallow – meaning that the blockage is likely to be either just below the plughole or in the S-bend. Depending on whether the blockage is in the kitchen, laundry or bathroom, the cause may be anything from a build-up of toilet paper, hair being caught in the top section of the drain, congealed fat in the s-bend or soap scum preventing the water from draining away. In these instances, the job is often more straightforward, and we will have it back to normal quite quickly.

Blocked drain
Tree roots in pipe
Blocked sewers Redcliffe Peninsula can also occur for the same reasons, however, blocked sewers can also be a result of rubbish, excess dirt, tree roots or when rocks are washed down the sewer pipes. From our experience, blocked sewers are often caused when large tree roots begin growing in the sewer lines as they search for water sources.

Why call a professional Redcliffe Peninsula plumber to unclog your blocked drains?

Attempting to fix your blocked drains or blocked sewers by yourself could result in bigger plumbing problems down the track. Snake type devices are readily available at hardware stores, but when used in untrained hands on blocked sewers and drains they are typically less successful at clearing obstructions and can lead to costly pipe damage and be a safety risk to yourself. Chemicals are also a go-to solution for DIY homeowners to fix blocked drains and sewers. Many chemicals are quite hazardous to your health and when used on a long-term basis cause corrosion to pipes.


The best solution for your blocked drain Redcliffe Peninsula problem is provided by NJR Plumbing. We ensure that all our qualified Redcliffe Peninsula plumbers are trained in the use of the latest pipe camera inspection equipment and pipe unclogging technology called “High-Pressure Jetter” (which is a very high-powered water jet that enters the inside of the affected pipe). Our Redcliffe plumbers are experienced in the efficient use of this advanced equipment, so we can clear drain blockages quite quickly compared to tradition cut and replace methods.

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NJR Plumbing is the blocked drains Redcliffe Peninsula experts in unclogging blocked drains in bathrooms, toilets, laundries, and kitchens or any blocked pipes outside the home.


For plumbers who can fix your blocked drains and blocked sewers on Redcliffe Peninsula quickly, it’s best to call NJR Plumbing today on 1300 152 988.