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Hot Water Systems Brisbane northside


Repair, Replacement & Installations
When you discover that your hot water system has stopped working, it can be very stressful, which is why NJR Plumbing is experienced in the maintenance and installation of all brands of hot water systems. If your hot water heater needs replacement, we can quickly obtain popular brands of electric, heat pump hot water systems and continuous flow gas hot water systems.

NJR Plumbing doesn’t only supply and install our recommended hot water systems, but we can also install any hot water systems that you have purchased yourself. Our hot water system replacement service or repair is fast, so you will have hot water again very quickly.

Blocked drain

Blocked Drain and Drain Cleaning


For NJR Plumbing, unclogging blocked drains is a very popular service and we are great at it. A blocked drain for our clients in Brisbane north is also an annoying one. Therefore, we ensure that every plumber Brisbane north has the latest pipe camera inspection technology and pipe unclogging machinery called “Hydro Jetter” (very high-powered jet of water). All our plumbers are trained and experienced in the effective use of this equipment making the clearing of drain blockages very efficient.

We also provide a free drain inspection with our CCTV camera after every Hydro Jetter service, so you can see for yourself that the drain blockage has been cleared.

Sewer pipe repair

Stormwater Drainage & Sewage Repairs


Our expert plumbers can quickly determine the extent of any damage to stormwater or sewage drains once a blockage has been cleared or an internal pipe inspection has been conducted using our “snake” camera.

Your pipe may be a candidate for drain internal reline (using a special epoxy coated liner to reseal the affected area) or if the pipe too badly damaged, we can dig up the affected area and replace the section of pipe. Once either of these services has been performed, an internal inspection is done again using our snake camera to ensure that the drain is in full working order again.

leaking tap

Leaking Taps Repairs and New Tap Installation


A dripping or leaking tap can be annoying and cost a lot of money in excess water bills, or worst still be a symptom of a larger issue. Our expert Brisbane north plumbers will assess the situation and advise what action is required to get the problem back to perfect working order.

Sometimes it is as simple as providing a full maintenance service, replacing a tap washer or re-seating the tap spindle, however, if the problem is serious then your tapware will have to be replaced. Our plumbers carry a range of new tap fittings with them or you can purchase a different set from a retailer of your choice and we will come back and install it for you.

Burst pipe

Repair Leaking Pipes or Replace Burst Pipes


Copper, Galvanised, PEX and other type of water piping will eventually all need replacing. If a pipe cracks or bursts and starts leaking, this will need to be fixed immediately. If it is not done straight away it will often lead to an increased water bill and could result in water damage to your property. All our plumbers carry a large range of pipe fittings and spare parts so 95% of these jobs can be completed using the materials in their utes, which makes NJR Plumbing the best and most reliable choice for these types of emergencies.

Gutter and downpipe

Gutter and Downpipe Repairs


Water that overflows from your guttering or that comes in through your roof is a very serious problem and can lead to bigger issues in the future. At NJR Plumbing, we have professional plumbers on Brisbane northside who can visit your home or business to assess the amount of water damage or blockage which is causing the leaks. We can advise of the best solution and repair or replace your downpipes or guttering as required.

Water filter

Fridge and Water Filter Installation


Many popular new fridges come with inbuilt cold water and ice dispensers which need to be connected to your water mains. This is not a difficult job for our Brisbane northside plumbers but is not a task that you should attempt yourself. So, if you need a new fridge connected to mains water then call on the experienced crew at NJR Plumbing to do it expertly and efficiently.

Water filter

Toilet Repair and New Toilet Suite Installation


There is nothing more frustrating than a blocked or faulty toilet. At NJR Plumbing we will always treat this issue as a priority and inspect the issue fast to find out the best and long-term solution to get your toilet fully operational again.

If your existing toilet just can’t be repaired, then we can quickly source a replacement to the same or greater quality from one of our local bathroom suppliers and often fit it the same day. If you have purchased a new toilet yourself, then we are happy to install it for you.

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