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Choosing NJR Plumbing Group means that you are 100% protected by our company’s TRIPLE GUARANTEE!

1. Workmanship Guarantee: NJR Plumbing Group offers you a 7-year workmanship guarantee on all work completed. If there is any problem due to our workmanship we will come out and fix it for free! You can now relax knowing that your home is well looked after!*

2.  Material Guarantee: We only use the best quality materials in the industry, these materials are backed with warranties, you won’t have to worry about having poorly made materials installed!

3. Cleanliness Guarantee: Our plumbers are the best-dressed plumbers in the industry! Not only we will show up clean and tidy but we guarantee that we will leave the work area clean or even cleaner than we found it! If we leave a mess behind we will PAY TO HAVE THE AREA PROFESSIONALLY CLEANED**

*Locating and repairing pre-existing roof leaks isn’t always the most suitable long-term fix, therefore due to QLD weather we cannot guarantee that the area will not leak again.
** This guarantee applies to internal and roofing works and doesn’t apply to any outside drainage works. Of course, we will be careful as much as we can but when machinery is involved it can leave marks on the grass. We take extreme care but will not be responsible for any drainage discharges into the property or around it. If you wish to have the area restored to the original condition please let us know prior to the works starting and we can incorporate this in our proposal.