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Office Bathrooms

Office Bathrooms

Recently I stumbled on a great post about office bathrooms… probably not something someone would think about right? After doing a bit of research and finding out more information on what effects the office bathroom has on people really blew my mind.

See picture below of the ‘hierarchy of bathroom needs’. Probably no office bathroom has all of these, and I’m sure there are some items missing from the list. The ones that are really special and reflect the unique aspects of the culture do it by focusing on the top of the pyramid.

The point is that bathrooms signal what’s important to the team culture:

  • Does the bathroom feel more personal than institutional?
  • Do you care about keeping the bathroom clean because you care about the other people that use it?
  • Can you get a good look at yourself in a good mirror before that big meeting so that you don’t embarrass your team with spinach in your teeth?
  • Do you enjoy seeing artworks created by your team members?
  • And the big one…are you trusted not to misuse the supply of toilet paper?

All of this has got to impact how people feel about working and being together as a team. What about even incorporating a sticky note collage in the bathroom to invite staff to post ideas, thoughts etc?

So grab a plant, some art, some toys or some sticky notes and put ’em n your office bathroom. See how the team responds. And let me know how it goes!

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